Walk through the Marrakesh Medina

It was a beautiful day - Marrakesh in May, as we made our way across the square. Djemaa al Fna is the name of the place and a hustling bustling place it is, populated with drummers and dancers, snake charmers, fortune tellers and story tellers - all out to make an honest buck by entertaining and posing for photos. But I didn't dare raise my camera to my face or I never would have gotten any shots sans hustle. So sneakycam was my M.O., slung in my hand, hanging by my side, attempting to keep the shot upright and at least minimally steady. The camera ran continuously for 23 minutes as we traversed the plaza a couple of times then headed through the busy streets, thick with people, bikes (both motorized and pedal-powered) and donkey carts, to our riad in the heart of the medina. This edit is 7.5 minutes of that walk. It is intense, but nothing compared to the real thing. And you ought to experience it at night, when the action really happens.