UK to Morocco- Cyclerunning

Africa Expedition 2011- http://​africaexpedition2011-morocc​ In 6 weeks , 12 of us based around Sheffield sailed the English channel, Cycled 3000km and then climbed Jbel Toukal N. Africas highest mountain. It was an amazing adventure! Along the way we saw so much, cycled through all weather conditions. Sweated up many hills and then jumped off many bridges, lived like tramps, wild camped most of the way, met some amazing people and experienced great generosity from strangers. Stupid amount of banter and stupid antics. So many random situations. Learn't to live and work together pretty effectively as a team. Abused are bodies regularly with so much exercise and lack of sleep. Improved leadership and problem solving skills. Acquired fruit and veg along the way but always ended up eating bludy Tuna pasta for dinner. Raised over £3000 for SOS Childrens. Villages-​Africa-Expedition-20110 Kept high spirits all the way and best of all we all made it and successfully completed the expedition =) And... When my legs were not feeling destroyed (well even if they were..) i did some freerunning along the way at lots of cool spots. enjoy! Sam