Travel Sahara Desert, North Africa – Tour of Life in The Sahara Desert

Take a tour of Life in the Sahara Desert in Morocco -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Almost as large as Europe, it is the world's largest desert except for Antarctica. Although the Sahara is mostly inhospitable, desert plants and animals have managed to survive here. Among those animals are humans, roughly 4 million of them, who dwell in the sands. Many of these people have adopted special ways of living to survive the desert climate. A good number are nomadic and follow the scarce resources of food and water. Some permanent civilizations, notably the Egyptians, have managed to make the Sahara their home. For many, there is a rugged beauty to the desert that must be recognized and respected. For example, the awesome Saharan dunes can look like waves in an ocean of sand.