Tour of Tétouan Morocco

Eric and I took the plunge and went with a hired guide from the border at Ceuta, rode for about 30 minutes in an antique unmetered taxi, and arrived in the old part of Tétouan. The tour showed us some of the architecture dating back up to 800 years, the city skyline, an overly eager Moroccan carpet salesman, a leather tannery, and an authentic Moroccan market. Tétouan is historically considered one of the more tourist unfriendly cities in Morocco. This doesn't mean that the people there are unfriendly towards tourists rather most tourist opt for the more obvious choices such as Tangier, Fes, and Casablanca. The king was in residence during our stay there, so the police presence seemed to keep things in check. It's definitely not a trip for the unadventurous, but you'll have a good story to tell when you're back home! Please be careful with the guides at the border. They are NOT official. Agree on prices beforehand, as they will almost certainly increase by the end of your tour. Some amount of bartering is expected. Just be assertive and don't let anyone pressure you into buying anything you don't want. Be prepared to say "La!" 100 times at any carpet shop you enter.