This dreamy place with its first impression very much unlike anything else in Morocco is full of promise and unfulfilled potential. Its rich history, only in part recalled, remains forgotten but still lingers in the air. In 1476 the Spanish took over the fort built by merchants from the Canary Islands and named Santa Cruz de la Mer Pequena. It served as a secure base for slave expeditions. In 1524 it was swept away by the Saadian dynasty. Its ruins were chosen by a Scotsman called George Glas as a trading post in 1764. The present town was built by the Spanish during their second stay in Santa Cruz from 1934 to 1969. Today the authorities are doing a great deal to renovate and revitalize the town extending the port facilities improving the road infrastructure and trying to attract more tourism. If you visit once you are likely to return time and time again. It is a few hours drive from Agadir and it has several inexpensive but reasonable hotels. Cost of living is much lower than in Agadir and there is so much to see on the way to Guelmim as well as the wondrous Legzira beach. It is ideal for surfing and paragliding and you can feast yourself on freshly caught fish which you can buy at the market and have grilled for a few dirhams at the nearby BBQ stalls.