Tizi n Test Pass – hair raising drive through the High Atlas Mountains Morocco

http://www.morocco-explorers.com helped us discover the famous - or infamous - Tizi n Test Pass, a breath taking drive through the High Atlas Mountains Morocco. A breathtaking drive snakes through the fantastic scenery to an incredible 2092 metres. Dont miss visiting Tinmal mosque on the way - its only one of two open to non muslims. If you want to experience the Tizi n Test and Tinmal mosque in safe and competent hands, then we recommend you contact Morocco Explorers by visiting their website www.morocco-explorers.com Morocco Explorers operate tours and holidays to the "must see" attractions and then beyond so you can experience authentic local culture and truly outstanding landscapes. Their unique concept allows you to escape the tourist trail or as they say "dont be a tourist - be an explorer". We at the Morocco Tourist Guide did and we have the videos to prove it!