Tiva Dream Beaches: Taghazout Morocco

A short documentary for The International Video Agency based on Berlin Germany. Amoung the series: Dream beachs of the world. (http://www.tiva.tv/en/serien/traumstraende/) This beach is located on Taghazout (aka. Tarazout), 20km from Agadir (south-west of Morocco). Shooting this footage was a mission impossible stuff; Tiva wanted it during the next day, and I'm far from Agadir for about 350km, so we took the bus at night and arrived there at 5am got to wait untill ther's some sunlight and some people on the small village of taghazout.. Afterwards we start filming and asking people, even the camera was not verry tweened by the sleepy crew! with my improvised-poor-english dialoge.. but, remember, this was a mision impossible!