The Show (Ukulele Cover) (Fes, Morocco Restaurant)

Can't imagine I will do the first Ukulele performance in Fes, Morocco!!! I thanks so much the France Musician teach me music and I do enjoy it!! and the funny thing is... we just met at the street (yes, when I travel Fes) and now become friend. When he taught me music, the owner of restaurant said, "why dun you sing a song to us? " Oh! No~~ I just learn few month ago.... I'm soooooo scare.... But the musician and my friends encourage me and I try... so, this is become my first ukulele performance in FES~~~ so weird~~ btw, enjoy! 回憶總叫人回味。發夢也想不到我會在摩洛哥的餐廳在客人面前又彈又唱!哈哈! 一切也因為我那彩色的Ball 點結他套開始。在街上偶遇Kamul 音樂人, 他看見我背上的東西問是什麼就開始兩天的同行, 之後我們四個人就一齊遊Fes 了。他是個音樂癡, 為了音樂放棄當了20年的醫生, 現在去世界各地表演Ruqq。他熱情地要教我音樂, 當然求之不得啦! 之後店主看見我們就說, 「來! 表演一曲啦! 」嘩! 好驚呀! 只學了幾個月簡直獻醜! btw, let's try (∩_∩)❣Pls dun laugh so loud (^o^) —