The Port of Casablanca, Morocco – 27th July, 2010

Views around the very industrial port of Casablanca in Morocco from both the harbour side and from the Thomson Destiny cruise ship. Footage includes cranes, industry, silos, fishing boats, and military Naval vessels. he Port of Casablanca (Arabic: ميناء الدار البيضاء‎) refers to the collective facilities and terminals that conduct maritime trade handling functions in Casablanca's harbours and which handle Casablanca's shipping. The port is located at 33°36′N 7°37′W / 33.6°N 7.617°W / 33.6; -7.617Coordinates: 33°36′N 7°37′W / 33.6°N 7.617°W / 33.6; -7.617 near Hassan II Mosque. The port is considered as Morocco's chief port and as one of the largest artificial ports in the world. It is also the largest port of the Maghreb and North Africa.