The MRC Travel : Destination of summer 2012

For more informations about Morocco (How to get there ...), send your message at For a daily schedule and specific to travel to Morocco, please send a message to and must include one or more forms: (do copy paste) I-Required Form: Your age: Your country: Your style of travel: (you may tick more than one category)     - Couples: (Romantic)     - Adventurer: (Camping ...)     - Familiar: (Quiet, children's activities ...)     - Quiet: (Calme. ..)     - Between friends: (party every night)     - Enrichment: (Based on tourist monuments and knowledge to improve your general culture.) Your Budget: (do not forget your currency, dollars, euros ...) Date of departure and return: II-Contact Form: Your name: (full name) Contact: (Phone number, email address, other links) III-Supplementary Form: Can you drive in Morocco? (yes or no) You will travel in groups? : (answer yes or no) What will be the number of your group? Your hobbies and pastimes: (surfing, ...) Would you include in your flight program? : (Answer yes or no) Other notes: (Put your notes about this trip, as illness and handicap, or other thing to interest).