The ‘eid Sacrifice. Warning: Live Animal Killed for Meat as Part of Religious Observance

Anthropological Educational Video: This video is not for the faint of heart. If you do not want to see animals in pain, you should not watch this. Sacrificing the hoale sheep for 'eid al Kabir, the big sacrifice. I helped in a small way in the purchase of this haole. The sheep is facing qibla (Mecca), and the traditional butcher says "bism'illah" (in the name of God), while offering a prayer for select family members, as he cuts it. He is Muslim, so it is halal (kosher). I asked why the sprinkling of salt on its neck. I was told it is merely tradition. I was also told that this is not considered a propitiatory sacrifice. It is only in remembrance of Abraham's (unnamed) son. It is not as painless as I've been lead to believe. The haole takes a good four minutes to die, drowning it its own blood. It is however a good deal less messy than working with fish, with their slime.