The Crying of the Lambs.AVI

Every year in the Muslim world, there is the Great Feast of Sacrifice, 'Eid al Kabir or 'Eid al Adha. In Morocco, there is great social pressure for every family to get a sheep, even if it means sacrificing eating meat for the entire rest of the year. One must keep up with the Mohammeds. The sacrifice commemorates the almost sacrifice of Abraham's son, believed to be Ishmael according to Hadith, though never stated in the Qur'an. God miraculously provided a substitutionary atonement of a lamb. At the end of Hajj, all Hajjis in Mecca sacrifice a sheep at the spot where it is believed that Ibrahim did the same, and all Muslims around the world celebrate with them. Here, if you listen very closely from the barrier walls above Shoofshowen, Morocco, the sheep cry out minutes before the slaughter is to begin. Do they know what is about to happen?