The Calèches of Marrakesh, Morocco

A great alternative to the City Sightseeing bus, Marrakesh's horse-drawn calèches are to this city what gondolas are to Venice. Sure, there are other less expensive ways of getting around, but this is the romantic, relaxed (OK, the tourist) way to come to grips with such an active, vibrant city. The carriages are painted bright green with a white canopy and as the pace is 'two horsepower' you have all the time you need to experience the city as it lives. The carriage is narrow enough to allow you to venture down narrow side streets, where you'd never get a car, and see shops stacked with local goods, breads just out of the oven, children at play, and people meeting for coffee or lunch. You'll be able to see the major sites -- minarets, the palace, parks and major hotels and more. Best of all, the horses are comfortingly unflappable, when mixing it with noisy buses and bikes and trucks on the larger roads, and the driver can provide some commentary about the landmarks you pass.