soufiane hamaini and friends,momo,majid,malik... The Soufiane Hamaini Kiteboarding school is proud to offer the highest standard of kite boarding courses available. Learning to kiteboard should be a totally enjoyable and exhilirating experience. With our school, you are guaranteed only the best in instruction, locations and equipment. Based in one of the worlds top kiteboarding spots, Tarifa, Spain, and also offering kiteboarding trips to Morocco, the Soufiane Hamaini kiteschool is the ideal place for anyone looking to learn or advance their riding skills. The Soufiane Hamaini Kiteboarding school is very easy to find, based in the centre of Tarifas main street, Batalla del Salado. The school is run by Soufiane Hamaini, professional kiteboarder and North International teamrider, who has over 9 years experience in competition and coaching and was ranked 4th in the world in 2004. The Soufiane Hamaini Kiteboarding school uses only top kiteboarding equipment for its students. Different equipment is available for each students individual level. We use flat kites, C kites, hybrid kites along with both four and five lined kites. This allows you to try out different types of equipment to see what works best for you. Emphasis is on security, so all students are supplied with safety life vests and helmets. The course prices include the use of all equipment. For those students who have completed a kite course and are now confident with their riding skills, rental packages are available. For those that wish to purchase equipment, our instructors are on hand to help you choose, set-up and fine tune all your gear. Our school offers you free transport in our 4x4 truck from town to the beach where we will be teaching our courses. The winds change, so we have the advantage of being able to move and find the best conditions for your kiteboarding course. We also offer alternative activities for those occasional days when the wind conditions are not ideal, such as surfing and quad biking. The Soufiane Hamaini Kiteboarding School is easy to find. We are based right in the middle of Tarifas main street at number 36. The closest airports are Gibraltar (25 mins) Jerez (60 mins) and Malaga (1hr 40mins) From each of those airports there is a regular bus service. There are many car retal agencies that offer good, competitive prices. The closest train station is Algeciras (15 mins from Tarifa) which has connections to all of Spain's largest cities. Opening Times Summer hours 10.30am - 10 pm Winter hours 10.30am - 8.30pm Open 7 days a week, all year round.