Sahara Sunrise, Morocco. Episode 36 SD

A Sahara sunrise was Pablo's objective and all it took was three days and two nights (and determination, persistent beetles and lots and lots of sand)... For more videos, visit and for more details, maps & facts visit To Get involved Morocco Sahara Sunrise & Camel Safari Video Details In Morocco, modern and ancient mix well, as shown at Jemaa el Fna Square. The square is the center of life in the old medina, with constant performers, sideshows and tourists. Plus munchies - snacks The call to prayer is a way of life here. But lest we forget, it’s also all about shopping. After shopping days it was time for Pablo and I to find some sand. We joined a package expedition (3 days & 2 nights), although most of the days are spent in the van. It began with more shopping. Who buys rocks? Especially fake rocks. Dust, it’s the next best thing to sand. It’s a long road, especially if your goal is to buy plates. There’s only one road out here. Do we really need a map? Laurence of Arabia was filmed here. Oh look… beads… snakes… and trinkets. The boys want to explore the set of Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia. On the road again Day 2 and Pablo is late again. It seems we’ve joined a procession of tourists at Gorges du Todra. We got a tour of a Berber village to see the rustic life and for tea and carpet sales. You have to be hardcore to cycle across the desert, especially when modern transportation is available. Our goal is Erg (Dunes) Chebbi. Locals believe that God made the dunes as punishment because once a village turned away a weary traveler. We rode out into the sand as the sun set. After dinner the locals entertained us. We opted to sleep in the dunes above camp that night. So that we’d have a bird’s eye view of the sunrise on Day 3. Pablo stated, “Finally we are in the desert waiting for the sunrise, the best sunrise in all my life. “ And perhaps it was.