Sahara camping, medieval Fes, Todra Gorge and more on an Intrepid Travel trip to Morocco Experience medieval Morocco in Fes, Discover the ruins of one sultan's Versailles dream in Meknes, Have a camping adventure on the sandy dunes of the Sahara, Have lunch with locals in a kasbah, Trek through the impressive Todra Gorge, Relax with mint tea in remote Imlil, Kick back in the stunning coastal town of Essaouira, Indulge your senses in the souqs of Marrakech, Explore the fortified city of Ait Benhaddou. Aromatic tagines, palm-spotted, red-earthed landscapes and limitless generosity define the true warmth of the Maghreb. Any visit, whether one week or one month, will give you a glimpse of the friendliness, hospitality, vibrancy and flavour of this Berber-Arab-Spanish-Portuguese-French melting pot in a country whose landscape varies as much as its culture and history. The thousands of street cafes lining the boulevards and highways from Tangiers to Laayoune attest to the fact that Morocco and Moroccans must be observed intently, lingeringly and preferably over a long cup of coffee. While I can't prolong my small cup of 'nos-nos' (half espresso, half milk) as long as a Moroccan, I'm always up for the challenge, be it in a sunny Essaouiran cafe or on a rooftop terrace in Marrakech or overlooking the valleys and mountains of the High Atlas. Are you?