Riad Khabia Maison d’hotes Marrakech Maroc – Morocco Marrakesh Hotel

http://www.riadkhabia.com The Riad Khabia is an exclusive guest-house in Marrakech. Dany and her team enthusiastically welcome you in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The Riad Khabia's uncharacteristic architecture is pure and essential. Lacking the traditional heavy and ostentatious ornamentation makes it easier for the visitor to grasp the expression of Marrakech's cultural aesthetic; a union between Islamic culture and earlier native Berber societies. Easily accessible, the Riad Khabia is nestled in the protective shade of the Royal Palace's high outer walls. The neighborhood is thus very peaceful and quiet. Still, the Riad Khabia is located in bustling downtown, in the "medina" quarters, within the old city walls. In any direction, a leisurely 10 minute walk ends up at any of the numerous historical sites and interesting visiting areas: the infamous Jemaa El Fna square, a U.N.E. S.C.O. World Heritage site, the Badii Palace ruins, the busy Mellah souk, the highly exotic spice market, the Sa'adien tombs, the fragrance of the Aguedal gardens... http://www.riadkhabia.com Please feel free to contact the Riad Khabia for any further inquiries: By mail: Riad Khabia, Houmate Berrima, Derb Chtoka n°6, 40 000, Marrakech - Medina. Kingdom of Morocco. By e-mail: information@riadkhabia.com For reservations: reservation@riadkhabia.com For customer service: customerservice@riadkhabia.com By phone or by fax: 00 (+212) 24 37 59 89 http://www.riadkhabia.com