Retiro de Kundalini Yoga y Karam Kriya en el Desierto

Ven al próximo retiro espiritual en el desierto de Marruecos, contacta con - Yoga, Meditación, Counselling y Danzas Místicas. A very special spiritual trip to the desert in Merzouga, Morocco. Organizers and teachers: Ardaas Singh y Seva Kaur. Guide: Abdul. It has been an intense, complete week, leaving us with great beautiful gems among the dunes: Learning teachings at every moment, unexpected challenges, laugh and enjoyment, sharing and living together in sangat, wide unending horizonts, humble helpful local people, colourful turbans, hammam arabic baths, oasis and camels, sweet and overwhelming moments. Contacting the magic of all it together. That was the seed of a transformational experience to the core, for each of us in a different way. By the guidance of Wahe Guru, we will repeat it soon, places are limited, contact us to - Please, leave your comments below. Sat nam