PURE Life Experiences – Flash News – POKEN: What Need to Know

PURE Life Experiences is happy to be introducing the POKEN technology for the first time at its 2011 edition. Running a cutting edge and unique show for the leaders and shape shifters of Experiential Travel requires the right dose of innovation and technology solution to make sure that every attendant of the show has a nothing but an exceptional experience - so here is POKEN. In this video, Emma Squire & Vitor Kono explain to you how POKEN works, how to synchronise it with your computer and how to manage your profile and contacts. Sounds like lots? Not really, using POKEN is easier than you think - in fact, it can be very fun. So, are you ready for POKEN? For more info, please visit: www.poken.com www.poken.com/faq www.purelifeexperiences.com And if you have any questions regarding PURE 2011, or any feedback, please write to socialmedia@purelifeexperiences.com