Overcoming Selfish Behavior (Darkness to Light)

"When we are turned to the light, all shadows are cast backward, but when we turn from the light, the shadows are in front of us." -- Earnest Holmes -- Thanks for watching and please like, subscribe, and share. There is the ego's script and the script of the higher mind. Higher consciousness (light) and lower consciousness (dark) combined is duality. The ego's script includes selfish behavior, drama, greed, control, manipulation, and often unconscious projections of fear and guilt. The script of the higher mind allows us to untangle ourselves from the dualistic nature of the world (over time). Scientists have discovered that consciousness creates reality, and that the mind exceeds the body and brain ( https://qz.com/866352/scientists-say-your-mind-isnt-confined-to-your-brain-or-even-your-body/ ). In other words, we are playing an unconscious role in the positive and negative things that happens in both our reality and our lives. What generally happens to a bully when we don't give him energy? He goes away and victimizes someone else. Or he's inspired over time to change. I understand world issues aren't so easy. We can change our mind with how we see things though. As with the bully, we can stand up for ourselves. We can defend our loved ones from harm. The energy of the dark and unconscious ego mind however will eventually re-appear elsewhere (in other form) unless we untangle ourselves from the drama through forgiveness. Bare with me here. Forgiving helps us to beak our minds free from the burden of suppressed hurt and pain in our subconscious that we unconsciously attract since hurt attracts hurt (when we hold on to it subconsciously) and like attracts like. It's physics relative to the laws of the Universe, the law of attraction, vibration, cause and effect. Love, truth, gratitude, and forgiveness are unconditional. We cannot change the past. But we can change the way we see things by changing our state of mind. By allowing ourselves to be pulled into someone else's drama, we make it real and reinforce the drama. Forgiveness does not excuse injustices. It allows us to breathe again. Moreso, why should we allow other people's misery to keep us down after something happened? We deserve not to punish ourselves, but heal, and grow stronger. Shine a light into the darkness and expose it for what it is. Then move on by forgiving those images. By holding on to them, hurt attracts hurt in our unconscious mind since like attracts like. We are setting ourselves up for more hurt relative to how we perceive life challenges, be they internal or external, and not even realizing it. When we forgive, we break the chain of bondage that our subconscious has been holding on to. Forgiveness can help release mental, emotional, and physical tension, produce better oxygen and blood flow, and more. Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/25/forgiveness-health-benefits_n_6029736.html Dump the lower frequencies! They lead to negative thoughts that keep us trapped in the Matrix reality, e.g., survival mode, fear, anxiety, stress, and health issues. Instead of being overwhelmed with grief, we should experience the joy of living. Instead of focusing on lack and limitations, we should be grateful for what we have. Everything that happens occurs because we are meant to learn something in some way. We live in a dualistic Universe, with dualistic minds, but we have choice between the script of the higher mind (light) or the ego that includes darkness (since there's nothing wrong with getting excited or treating yourself) as long as we don't get too attached to the ego because of the negative that comes with the ego's script. When we as a collective consciousness have awakened to the script of the higher mind, the ego's script will disappear because we are no longer unconsciously projecting the fuel that feeds the bully. By focusing on the positive and allowing the light to shine through each and everyone one of us as empowered, compassionate, and loving beings (let others not mistake our kindness for strength!) we can remain mindful and forgive any and all negative projections so that they are eventually healed from our unconscious minds just like that bully who is no longer in our lives. This relates to true change because we are changing our mind and thus projecting what we truly desire in our reality (the positive) rather than holding onto and unconsciously attracting the negative. Focus on the positive! Thanks for watching. Please check out my other videos on consciousness. Credit. Song: Golgotha by Asura NOTE: Do not download and re-upload my videos. Reuploads make it very difficult for me to build an audience. You're encouraged to share the original Youtube link but there's no reason for re-uploads.