Old Dakar Rally track, Morocco (2)

Following old Dakar Rally track, NE of Bir Anzarane, Morocco Field mission to Morocco and Mauritania - 2012 Filmed by Z. Boratynski BIODESERTS--Biodiversity of Deserts and Arid Regions http://cibio.up.pt/cibio.php?content=groups&menu=groups&group=biodesert http://cibio.up.pt/crocodilos http://www.facebook.com/Biodeserts BIODESERTS is a research group hosted by CIBIO/University of Porto. It is focused on assessing biodiversity patterns in deserts and arid regions. The objectives are to: i) advance scientific knowledge on these environments; ii) produce outputs of high scientific standard and guidelines for conservation policies; iii) train human resources in desert evolution and conservation biology; and iv) communicate scientific activities and improve public appreciation on desert biodiversity.