My lovely city casablanca

Casablanca is a very active and very beautiful city in western Morocco. There are many buildings and business that benefit from tourism. With many restaurants and ways of transportation, it is easily a great place to travel. There are about 3 million residents, and many of them are very friendly and helpful to the newcomers and visitors. This exotic city is a very lively paradise and the weather is warm throughout the year. The temperature does not often reach more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit, or 24 degrees Celsius, but it does not go much lower than fifty one degrees Fahrenheit and eleven degrees Celsius. Most people who visit the active city will prefer the warmer part of the year. The perfect temperatures keep even the laziest travelers ready for more adventure and social fun. There are many ways to get to the city of Casablanca in Morocco. If you are from another country, you will probably be taking an airplane to get to the city. Mohammed V International Airport is probably the most commonly used air port in the city and this is how a majority of the tourists get to the city. The French and the Spanish are the most likely visitors, but the city of Casablanca can be enjoyed by anyone with the will to have fun.