morocco maroc north africa المغرب

My lovely Morocco is a beautiful country with a very diversified rich landscape located in the north western place of Africa which is very close to Europe, it is 15 km to Spain and shares borders with Algeria, the country has a widely rich culture, customs, traditions more over wonderful ways of celebrations differently from city to city, fez is the oldest city in morocco, Casablanca is the largest while Marrakech is a traditional city and Agadir is the most touristic city throughout the country that attracts a lot of people from all over the world. Agadir has golden sandy beaches with a clear blue sea Thanks to the favorable climate that many have found their great love and live here Living in morocco life is cheap and one live is considerably more easily under the sun of the south The people in Morocco are very kind and welcoming with great hospitality. Morocco has different kinds and a varied landscape throughout Africa, there are mountains on the high atlas and approximately four ranges each with a special character this gives and perfect view of the countryside. Jabale Toubkal is the highest mountain of the atlas 4165 meters and this is the highest in the north of Africa south of the atlas mountain lies anti Atlas Mountain that borders Sahara desert, which covers a large area nearly its entire southern end. There are two different languages in Morocco and two kinds of people Arabs and Berbers, Arabs came from Arabia while Berbers came from Yamen, originally from Asia in some Berber tribes. Berber people are located in the south of Morocco, most sharing their lives in mountains and getting their lives from farms, each tribe has a special culture in Morocco moreover different customs, traditions and way of celebrating with modern dance. The southern Moroccan people speak Berber dialect and some speaks Riffian are from Rif the major group speak Amazigh dialect and in the atlas where people speak Cheleuh dialect which is more different than other Berber dialects. Other groups are Jews and some Europeans chose to settle down that relate to many reasons, peaceful and nice location, interestingly Europeans identified all of the Arab minority are related to as the blue people because the colors of their dress. This trip that takes you through its different culture, varied landscape and shows you; it has many interesting sights, it is truly Moroccan holiday let your journey start from the tourist city in the south, called Agadir the city that has something unique about it to attract people massively and have unforgettable times swimming under the bright warm yellow sun, the food is great people are friendly and the experience is really Moroccan.