morocco artifact 1 Final Cut.mp4

The artifact entitled "My Moroccan Farm Experience" was created with the purpose of exposing a personal story that was influential in my choice to become a Teacher. It may not seem apparent, but while staying with the Moroccans, I gained an appreciation for language learning and teaching, more so than what I already had. This artifact helped me in my professional development because it allowed me to discover new tools and technologies, such as Animoto, Camtasia Studio 7, YouTube, SaveTube, and Formatfinder. In addition, my artifact relates directly to the language arts stream of the curriculum, as the slideshow exhibits multimodal elements. Not without challenges, I found Camtasia to be somewhat daunting at first, and took some getting used to. The comfort I have achieved in using these applications, will, hopefully, allow me to present similar assignments to my future students.