Marrakech at Night

The sights, sounds and smells from inside the heart of the Medina, Marrakech take you back to medieval times. Musicians, performers, snake charmers, noise, crowds and heat. Traders selling rugs, pottery, cloth, metal work, jewellery, clothes, tourist souveniers all vying to get you to enter their shop. Food smells wafting across the square tempting you with anything from couscous and tajines to snails and even whole sheeps heads. Food stall holders trying to get you to stop at their stall with promises of air conditioning and other such cheekiness. Moving through the crowds whispers of hasheesh, hasheesh and men copping a quick bum fumble as ladies pass by! The warm Moroccan winds blowing across your face as you experience the noisy, bustling, crazy but totally amazing Marrakech.