Luxury Horse Rides in Morocco . The adventure of the Magic of the Far South helps you explore the spectacular Ziz valley. This excursion is defined by the contrasting colors and the magic of the desert. The landscape sparkles like fairies as we travel throughout dunes, from true moving sculptures and past pink and gold sands. The sight of the red rising sun only illuminated the vastness of the desert sky, as demonstrated in the movie "The Mummy". We camp in this desert in a pure and traditional way, as famous explorers from the beginning of the century once did. Three nights of this tour are spent in a hotel while four nights are spent camping in the desert. The camp: Roomy tents with two beds each comprised of linens, cloths, covers, pillows, a bedside table and lighting. During camp, the meals are served in a large tent with typical European tables and chairs and standard hotel crockery. There are also one or two restroom tents and one or two shower tents, based on the number of participants.