The famous town square of Marrakech, Jemaa l-Fna, owes little of its fame to its own beauty, but to the continuous day and night life. During most of the days, perfomers of every kind put up their shows, continuing until the food stalls start to move in. From the Jemaa there are several entries to the fantastic suuqs, and for anyone who needs to relax for a while, there are plenty of cafés around the Jemaa, where the main attraction is looking at the ongoing activities. Jemaa el-Fna owes most of its fame to the large number of spectacles going on all around all the time. Snake charmers, singers, story tellers, healers and fakirs attract a dominantly Moroccan audience. The food stalls take over the Jemaa as soon as the orange juice sellers have packed up and gone home. The food is prepares from fresh on the spot, and you can choose between fish, meat or vegetable dishes. The concept is easy, you point at everything you desire, indicate the quantity and within few minutes it is there in front of you. The food is exquisite, tasteful and much appreciated by Moroccans and brave tourists. Never forget the good rule of eating in Morocco: eat where the Moroccans eat — they know where to get good food!