Jemaa el Fna eating snails and snail soup in Marrakech helped us discover Jemaa el Fna and eating snails which are a local speciality and snail soup in Marrakech and find out what those big brown snails and snail soup taste like - how do you extract the snail from the shell ? A safety pin and with a bit of pulling, a reluctance to chew or swallow and the flavour was like cooked animal liver - tasty and well worth trying! Snails and the broth are a popular street food for Moroccans and come evening the square and streets of Marrakech fill up with barrows and stalls selling this nourishing dish. If you want to experience Jemaa el Fna - with or without the snail experience - in safe and competent hands, then we recommend you contact Morocco Explorers by visiting their website Morocco Explorers operate tours and holidays to the "must see" attractions and then beyond so you can experience authentic local culture and truly outstanding landscapes.Their unique concept allows you to escape the tourist trail or as they say "dont be a tourist - be an explorer". We at the Morocco Tourist Guide did and we have the videos to prove it!