Hunger Pains: Inventing the Pringles Mediterranean Salad – Atlas Mountains, Morrocco

You'd think I'd have some wild party or festival posted, but this is THE best moment I had in my trip. I found myself again. After I nearly blew out my knee, traveled 4.5 hours to reach 3200 meters, and needed 4.5 hours to get back before missing our ride back to Marrakech. Sun was going down, and we were running out of time. We're so busy clowning around, you don't even sense it. That's the point! NO STRESS! JUST GOOD TIMES! While we felt a sense of accomplishment, we also felt hunger and pain. This is what you do when you are out of Ramen, with no guide, no horses and poor equipment to top it all off. Eventually we got lost (see next videos), and nearly got stuck there, injured, penniless, and missing our flights to Madrid. Yet we realized - Who cares? We were having too much fun and an amazing adventure and bonding experience. GUESS WHAT? It all worked out! Things have a way of doing that! This is when I'd learned to be happy no matter what I faced. Gladly I caught it on video. This makes me smile everytime I see it.