How do you experience Morocco as a local? Sarah will tell you |

Are you ready to travel like a local? Hear Sarah discuss her time in Morocco with the folks at;"We understand that Today's young travelers want more than plane tickets, hotel reservations and tour guides; they want meaningful, exciting cultural experiences. They want to be on the ground, living, learning and interacting with real people. They understand the world of travel is about more than beaches and museums; it's about developing meaningful experiences through friendships and cross-cultural interaction.As Moroccan university students, we have gained professional experiences for a number of years to make a complete stranger feel at home. We share the passion for our young guests and cultural enrichment to offer travelers a true taste of the culture in unique cities.Team myREALadventure is small and will stay small. This affords us agility and high degrees of quality control. Making a complete stranger feel at home and anticipating their needs are the ultimate expressions of our service. We differentiate ourselves from our competition because we treat every guest as if they were close friends or family, bringing them into our home cities and teaching them about our lifestyle.Your myREALadventure trip is always accompanied by a young, energetic local leader who is excited to show you why his or her country is so amazing. We treat you, our guest, as we treat our close friends. You'll feel welcome and accommodated from the moment you arrive until you're back at home."Book your real adventure at