Get Rid Of Me Winners riding camels in the Sahara

Katie and Evan got up to all sorts of hi-jinks in Morocco. Here they are riding on camels in the Sahara and camping out in the desert! Wait till the end to hear some authentic Moroccan music from the locals! Get Rid Of Me sent Katie and Evan off on a six month adventure across 18 countries and Morocco is only their first stop. Team Kevan will head to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, India, Russia, Mongolia, China, do a trek across Africa and then head to Croatia to relax after 6 straight months of hard travelling. What a life!? If you think you deserve to go on the holiday of a lifetime, why not head to and register for Season 2. We've got surprises up our sleeves people. And if you don't believe us, wait and see what happens with Team Kevan!