Get Rid Of Me Morocco montage

Here are a few snaps from our crazy Canadians on the road - Team Kevan! Morocco was their first stop on the GROM circuit, the first of 18 countries that they'll get to experience as winners of the Get Rid of Me travel competition hosted by On The Go Tours. From camel riding in the Sahara to shopping in the markets of Marakech and lazing away the days in Essaouira, Team Kevan have done it all. They even went sand-boarding and rock-climbing, and tested their skills on quad bikes! Stay tuned for more from Katie and Evan on their worldwide adventure, and visit for details on how can enter GROM Season 2! Get Rid Of Me is brought to you by On The Go Tours. For more information on the tours they offer to Morocco and other exotic countries across the globe, take a look at