Furniture flying in Morocco

As you can see, I had to be creative when moving into my apartment in Morocco. Not everything was moved like this, only this section of the couch. If you want to see the whole couch, check out my introduction video which has it. This is the corner piece. My conclusion was that couches can be complicated, hence the music :) Enjoy the video. Anyone have any crazy furniture moving story I'd love to hear it, just let me know down below. This was from a couple months ago. You can see how my street looks and the way the houses are from the outside too in Rabat :) Kind of a different format from my other videos, but I wanted to mix it up once in a while. The next video will be longer and you'll get to see some more scenery, etc. PS I like the lyrics "why you gotta be so complicated" as the couch gets stuck initially going up