El Badi Palace – Marrakech, Morocco

http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-00a0-930a-566f?ytv2=1 - Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company) El Badi Palace Marrakech Read more at: http://www.travelpod.com/ad/El_Badi_Palace-Marrakech Travel blogs from El Badi Palace: - "... The first was El Badi palace, which was the ruins of a palace modelled on the Alhambra, built by a Saadian king in the 16th Century, and then later ..." - "... So by the time we made it to the El Badi Palace it had closed for lunch (who closes for a three hour lunch break between 11 ..." - "... Since it was a lovely sunny day, we set off in search of the once great El Badi Palace, now a great ruin ..." - "... But we managed to extricate ourselves from the labyrinth in time to catch sunset at El Badi Palace ..." - "... Great choice Omelettes for bfast and then onto the saadian tombs and the el badi palace (impressive and enormous) and a free local tour of the mellah ..." - "... is a lot of people who genuinely do want to be your friend MY TOP Sites In Marrakesh The Southern Medina: El Badi Palace This is a magical site that is royal ruins of an ancient past, it is not a museum, no where is ..." - "... We saw the ruins of the El Badi Palace and climbed to the catacombs and tombs below ..." - "... On first impressions El Badi Palace can appear more grave-like than the Saadian Tombs with its haunting yellow ruins, inhabiting storks and underground dungeons ..." Read these blogs and more at: http://www.travelpod.com/ad/El_Badi_Palace-Marrakech#blog_content Photos from: - Marrakech, Morocco Photos in this video: - "El Badi Palace - Terrace View" by Sianeth from a blog titled "The Marrakech Life" - "El Badi Palace - First Gate" by Sianeth from a blog titled "The Marrakech Life" - "El Badi Palace - Interior" by Sianeth from a blog titled "The Marrakech Life" - "El Badi Palace" by Dangabesisaak from a blog titled "Feast for the Senses" - "El Badi Palace" by Isabel_g. from a blog titled "Effervescent Marrakech" - "El Badi Palace" by Amandaseims from a blog titled "End of another adventure"