Barcelona Subway Attack, Pangeality Productions Survives Monumental Threat to Continued Freshness

Karma is real. We arrived in Barcelona at 9 am on Christmas morning. Taking the subway to my friend's apartment, I stepped off a virtually empty train leaving behind my backpack, loaded with my entire traveling video gear kit packed inside- a Panasonic HVX 200, a brand new Canon 60D, my Flipcam,a pocket point and shoot, wireless mics, portable tripod, IPad, and all accessories. Arriving at his apartment, I realized I wasn't wearing my backpack, that with the other luggage, jet lagged and just arrived, I'd somehow forgotten it when I stepped off the train. Barcelona is a metropolis, notorious for thieves and pickpockets. My friend assumed it was gone forever. The woman in the booth assumed it was gone forever, and that whoever'd found it was their own Christmas present. With all offices, lost and found and everything in the entire city shut for the holidays and us departing for Morocco the next night, with multiple working gigs lined up there, I was, needless to say, totally fucked. But for some reason, in the eye of the storm, I had really envisioned the bag was heading back to me. Less than an hour later, the bag had traveled across the entire city, and was back in my hands, amazing that it hadn't been snatched up, or suspected to be a bomb among the heightened holiday terrorism fears and security presence. Much love to all my fans who have supported Pangeality Productions over the years. The journey continues and there's much new work to share, as I type under a starry sky from the rooftop of my riad in Fez Morocco, after having slept in a tent in the Sahara Desert last night, driving across the desert and over the mountains to get here tonight. Stay fresh y'all, and remember to grab your gear when exiting the train. Http://