Ait Benhaddou Castle

___-Travelling Is a School-___ Most of Visitors of Morocco cannot miss the opportunity to give a visit to The Kasbahs of The South East of Morocco. Aït Benhaddou is such collection of Kasbahs, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Those who go in a trip in Aït Benhaddou Palace do in fact Make at least five unforgettable Amazing trips in their lives; here are they, Just Follow if you also want to do IT: 1. Getting in the Palace will take you in a trip to the worldly Cinema, You will discover closely ,and away from TV screen, Where a lot of Movies have been shot, such as The Man Who Would Be King (film) (1975), Jesus of Nazareth (1977), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), Gladiator (2000) and so on. 2. Get in the Palace, will take you without a Time Machine (Time Travel) in a trip to the past of a human society, of a Berber Nomads. The high walls will let you imagine the defence of Berbers for their calm life inside the palace. The big wooden gates will be opened in your face to the simple vast life of Berbers. Everything is simple, ancient, and priceless. 3. always within the Ait Benhaddou Palace, and among the Native Habitants, you will feel a kind special hospitality.You will be easily adapted with their culture whether the way they think, they celebrate, they dance, they sing ,or they treat others ... you will like their jewellery and clothes. Certainly, Ait Benhaddou is worthy to be seen; Travel into the deep culture. 4. When inside the Palace, you will wonder the way the Adobe palace is built; everything is local: reed of roofs, soil, water, stones, wood, Men, nothing has been exported, and NO CEMENTS No Breaks. You will travel between the relation of habitants, and environment and nature. You will relax to great extent. 5. the previous 4 trips will be achieved with your desire, on foot, and on mules, Live your Simple Amazing Life With ANBYI Travel Agency, you will not regret for taking Morocco in general, and South East in particular, as a destination to refresh your soul, and mind, you will discover and enjoy the deep face of Morocco, MOST WELCOME! _______________________________________________________ ANBYI TRAVEL : is a tourism and travel agency based in Ouarzazate Morocco, it is approved by the ministry of tourism. Anbyi Travel is specialized in organizing tours,excursions and tourists tours particularly in southern Morocco by becoming more involved in the development of ecological tourism in the region of Ouarzazate.  Call us ! +212 (0)5 24 89 01 65 Send us a Fax +212 (0)524 89 01 65 Or an email at [email protected] to 100 avenue Mohammed V,Residence Tiflit, Flat 12, Ouarzazate Or book online   Sites partenaires :  &