Agadir “Morocco-Agadir”-“Agadir-Morocco” Exotic Journey.

Agadir -"Morocco-Agadir"-"Agadir-Morocco" Exotic Journey. Agadir is a Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Exotic Journey, Fun place. Ride along with us approaching and driving into the heart of the Agadir beach resort area. Agadir is a beach area on the Atlantic seashore in Morocco (Maroc). We drove from Marrakech, Morocco. The drive was a bit treacherous, one lane each way carved through desert mountains. Just before reaching our destination everything changed and the sea-salt, sands and rows of outdoor cafes invite you to dive in and soak in the exotic flavors. Hop on in and take a ride with us as we approach the last moments on the road before our final destination for one week-the marina condominiums in Agadir. The Marina condos are literally right next to the actual Marina of Agadir. The complex is within walking distance of everything and is modern and cozy. The owners often rent to people and I would recommend considering the condos instead of a hotel.