A Tour of Las Vegas Blvd – Early 90s

Derrick's Family Videos - Cross Country Trip in Early 90s - A Tour of Las Vegas Blvd. This is old Vegas at 12:30am. The streets are almost deserted, there is no traffic, and it's so quiet you can hear crickets chirping! Check out cameos from places like The Sands, The Dunes, The Tropicana, The Tahiti, The Frontier, The Algiers, El Rancho, The Oasis, The Morocco, and The Aladdin! Includes classics like The Excalibur, The Riviera and Circus Circus! And stop by to see names in lights like Diana Ross and Buddy Hackett! I was asleep in the back seat, but you can hear my mom ask, "Is this place deserted?" And my dad responds with, "I suppose." Shoot me a message if you're interested in buying the rights, and I'll be happy to sell them to ya! Thanks for looking!