12102011 Zellij tiles and pottery factory in Fez.

Morocco. Fez. Fez is known for the extraordinary quality of its imperial crafts, such as fassi pottery, extraordinary leatherwork, and incredible complex zellij tile mosaics. The stunning pieces of ceramics from Fez - known as Fassi ceramics - in their traditional blue and white designs are a delight and well-sought after as decorative souvenirs. They can also be used as in the home as bowls and serving dishes. Zellij tiles. These are the tiles most commonly associated with Morocco. The wood-fired clay tiles are made from the grey clay of Fez. This is kneaded by hand before being cut to size and fired in wood-burning kilns to produce the unglazed (terracotta) tile. A glaze is then applied, prior to a second firing, to produce the coloured tiles. The glazed tiles are cut into small pieces to produce intricate mosaic patterns, suitable for floors and walls. Alternatively, the glaze can be skilfully chipped away by hand to produce the 'sculpted tile'. Music Edge of Eternity by Norma Rockwell (source You Tube Royalty Free stock music)