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  • Canada

    Not many people know that Canada and Morocco have being enjoying positive diplomatic relations since as early as 1962. Today, the Canadian Embassy in Morocco not only has a long history of positively assisting the Moroccan community, but has also assisted thousands of Canadians to improve trade and travel relations with the country. If you are a Moroccan wishing to travel to Canada or a ...

  • France

    France has long enjoyed a strong influence on Morocco and this can be seen in the fact that the French language is still considered to be the unofficial second language of Morocco. It is also evident in the many instances of French architecture that can be found across the country. Past historical affiliations with the country have fortunately grown into positive trade and travel relations ...

  • Stock Market

    There are only certain economic sectors that still remain within the hands of the Moroccan Government. Most of Morocco’s fairly stable economy is based on the principle of ‘supply and demand’ and the country thus enjoys a liberal economy.