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    Ibis Moussafir Casablanca

    Constructed in 1998, the Ibis Moussafir Casablanca Hotel has secured itself a prime location that is conveniently situated near the bustle of the city and some of the popular attractions in Casablanca. Its recognizable white walls offer visitors a comfortable refuge from a day of exploration and excitement. The classy hotel prides itself in providing great accommodation and quality services ...

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    Bert Flint

    Theater has played a massive role in the culture of many nations for many thousands of years. Whether it is simple or complex is not really all that important, for it is a prime method of communication that appeals to viewers and helps to stimulate the imagination and the senses. If you enjoy theatre and are interested in things like costumes, jewelry and furniture from the past, you might ...

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    Alliance Franco Marocaine

    Theater in Morocco has taken on various forms over the years and has become a unique and culturally rich form of entertainment. Locals enjoy the theater for its diversity in topics such as politics and culture and for its ever-changing productions. The Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater has become especially popular with tourists for its ability to offer the audience a full program that has a ...

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    Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

    It is very hard to believe that the city of Marrakech could become more frenzied, energetic and noteworthy than it already is on any given day of the year. This Moroccan city is alive with street vendors, locals, tourists, shops, stores and attractions. Amongst the bustle of city life, tourists usually escape to quieter sights such as the gardens of the Saadian Tombs or the peaceful grounds ...

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    Amazigh Theater Festival

    Almost everyone enjoys a good theatrical production; the combination of acting, music and speech appeal to humans in a way that no other combination of mediums does. It draws spectators in and helps them to identify with what they are seeing. The concept and popularity of theater is certainly not new and many of the theaters or theatrical festivals that exist today have been around for centuries.

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    Gran Teatro De Cervantes

    Even if you do not speak the local language, a person should always try to enjoy at least one theatrical production in whatever foreign country he/she is visiting. Theatrical productions are a great way to gain insight into the culture and artistic society of a particular land. If you are planning to spend time in Tangier in Morocco, you simply have to head to the Gran Teatro de Cervantes.

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    Theater in Morocco was established through the determination and passion for theater that lived in the hearts of men like Marun Al Naqquash, Sheikh Abou Khalil Qabbani and Ya'coub Sannu (also referred to as Abou Naddara). These men fought against opposing authorities and criticism to bring a form of art to life that had not yet been experienced in countries such as Morocco. Their example ...