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  • Ramada Hotels

    Ramada Les Almohades Agadir

    Approximately ten kilometers from the city centre of Agadir is one of the city’s most popular hotel establishments, the Ramada Les Almohades Agadir. As a part of the Ramada hotel group, this establishment guarantees spacious and comfortable accommodation with convenient access to a variety of facilities and services. Guests to the Ramada Les Almohades Agadir Hotel can look forward to ...

  • Ibis Hotels

    Ibis Moussafir Casablanca

    The breathtaking and modern Ibis Moussafir Casablanca City Center Hotel is located next to the Port of Casablanca, giving visitors unique access to a variety of activities. Visitors will also be near the city’s transportation hubs, such as the airport which is thirty minutes away from the hotel, and the Casablanca railway station that is within walking distance. With the hotel in close ...

  • Sport

    Water Sports

    In a country that is as hot as Morocco, people love flocking to the beaches to enjoy the refreshingly cool waters of the ocean. During the summer months you will find scores of tourists making good use of both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. The local tourism agencies have long since recognized that there is a massive market for water sports in Morocco and so virtually every kind of ...