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  • Port of Safi

    In the country of Morocco there are a number of ports, but the Port of Safi is considered one of the main ports that deal with commercial goods. Safi transports minerals and passengers and is an important trading and fishing port. In the 1960's, Safi received the first sardine boat within its port making it the first port to do so in the whole world.

  • National Ceramics

    Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of ceramics is that of Safiot pottery. These incredibly ornate masterpieces are simply unbeatable for handcrafted decadence. The skill needed for Safiot pottery is passed down from generation to generation and many still practice this form of pottery today. In fact, visitors can take a course in it wherein they are housed with the family of a Safi ...

  • Ports

    Morocco is a country that is surrounded by plenty of water. Not only does this mean that you can enjoy the refreshing qualities of the ocean, but it also means you can use it for travel, trade and recreational sports like fishing. Fortunately Morocco has many well-established ports that visitors and business people can use with relative ease. There is usually a port of reasonable size in all ...

  • Safi

    Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Safi has been a vital port for centuries. Originally known as Asfi, the area was inhabited by Carthaginians, Romans and the Almohades over time. Between 1508 and 1541, the Portuguese took over rule of Safi. This was then followed by Saadian occupation, which saw the construction of the renowned Grand Mosque. After the Saadians came the Alawites. ...

  • Doukkala-Abda

    Situated in west-Central Morocco, the region of Doukkala-Abda has a population of close to 2 million. The capital city of the region is Safi. Within the 13 285 square kilometer region of Doukkala-Abda is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mazagan which now forms part of the city of El Jadida. This is certainly a […]