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  • Ibis Hotels

    Ibis Moussafir Casablanca

    The breathtaking and modern Ibis Moussafir Casablanca City Center Hotel is located next to the Port of Casablanca, giving visitors unique access to a variety of activities. Visitors will also be near the city’s transportation hubs, such as the airport which is thirty minutes away from the hotel, and the Casablanca railway station that is within walking distance. With the hotel in close ...

  • Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate

    Al Hoceima

    Al Hoceima is strongly Mediterranean and has developed enough to have little in common with the farming hamlets and tribal markets of the mountains around. It is a peaceful place with none of the hassle of Tangier, Fez or Tetouan, and the cafes and streets are full of people going about their own business or pleasure. In late spring, or September, when the beaches are quiet, it's near ...

  • Doukkala-Abda


    Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Safi has been a vital port for centuries. Originally known as Asfi, the area was inhabited by Carthaginians, Romans and the Almohades over time. Between 1508 and 1541, the Portuguese took over rule of Safi. This was then followed by Saadian occupation, which saw the construction of the renowned Grand Mosque. After the Saadians came the Alawites. ...