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  • Palaces

    Raissouni Palace

    Asilah is situated on the northwest tip of Morocco on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a trading town with a history going back thousands of years. The town was initially used as a base for trade by the Phoenicians in 1500 B.C. Then, during the 15th century, Asilah was occupied by the Portuguese who built defensive walls around the town. It once again came under Morocco rule in the ...

  • Attractions

    Djemaa El Fna

    Djemaa el Fna is located in the exotic city of Marrakech and is known to locals as the 'heart of the city'. It is a part of Marrakech that presents an ever changing character with the rising of the sun and well into the night. It is a cultural mix of color, scents, sight and sound and is one of the liveliest attractions in Morocco. Visitors and tourists should not miss the opportunity to ...

  • Theater

    Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

    It is very hard to believe that the city of Marrakech could become more frenzied, energetic and noteworthy than it already is on any given day of the year. This Moroccan city is alive with street vendors, locals, tourists, shops, stores and attractions. Amongst the bustle of city life, tourists usually escape to quieter sights such as the gardens of the Saadian Tombs or the peaceful grounds ...

  • Art Galleries

    Espace Othello

    Art lovers should always spend at least a little time exploring the art galleries of whatever country they visit. Art can be an insightful way to examine the culture and influences of a country, but it is also a creative expression of emotion and thought. In this way art is universal – it exceeds language boundaries and communicates thought, feelings and intentions to viewers and art lovers ...

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    Rhythms of Moroccan music One of the richest aspects of Morocco’s culture is its music. Made up of more than twenty-five different types, Moroccan music reflects the richness of its diversity and echoes its present and past history. Depending on which region of the country you visit, you will be sure to hear the sounds of Andalusian, Berber, Raï, Chaabi or Gnawa permeating the air.