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    Ethnographic Museum Tetouan

    The first Ethnographic Museum in Tetouan was founded in 1928 and was known as the 'Museum of Indigenous Arts' or as the 'Muslim House'. However the museum and its endless variety of exhibits was moved to the old military fortress of Sultan Moulay Abderrahman in 1948, which had been renovated to house the new and improved Ethnographic Museum in Tetouan. The Ethnographic Museum is an ...

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    Archaeological Museum Tetouan

    Tetouan was once known as Tamouda and it is believed that this settlement was founded close to the third century B.C. The Roman occupiers destroyed the settlement in approximately the year forty-two A.D. during a revolt. A fortified camp was erected in place of the settlement by the Roman troops and traces of their occupation are still visible today. The Archaeological Museum in Tetouan ...

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    Dar Jamai

    The Dar Jamai Museum is located in the UNESCO World Heritage town centre of Meknes. Not only are the exhibits that are housed in the museum considered to be masterpieces, but so is the building itself. In the year 1882, construction of the home of the Jamai family was completed. This fine structure later became an important military hospital in 1912. By 1920 the significance of the building ...

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    Feast your culture cravings on Morocco's wide choice of museums. Packed with architecture, art, history, sciences and much more, a visit to any of Morocco's museums is guaranteed to widen your horizons.

  • Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer


    Rabat is home to the Moroccan government as well as a hub of traditional cuisine and architecture and much more. Well worth a visit! The Ville Nouvelle has beautiful modern French-built hotels. For a capital city, Rabat is very quiet and offers a number of excellent restaurants, clubs and pubs.