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  • Forbes

    The Tangier Forbes Museum is located on the Marshan in Tangier and was founded by Malcolm Forbes, who is also the publisher of the Forbes magazine. The Forbes museum is situated on a 10-acre piece of land called Palais Mendoub, which creates the perfect surroundings for this unique museum and its armament collection.

  • Stock Market

    There are only certain economic sectors that still remain within the hands of the Moroccan Government. Most of Morocco’s fairly stable economy is based on the principle of ‘supply and demand’ and the country thus enjoys a liberal economy.

  • Rabat

    Rabat is home to the Moroccan government as well as a hub of traditional cuisine and architecture and much more. Well worth a visit! The Ville Nouvelle has beautiful modern French-built hotels. For a capital city, Rabat is very quiet and offers a number of excellent restaurants, clubs and pubs.