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  • Souss-Massa-Draâ


    Zagora seems without prospect at first sight: a one-street, modern market town with a big collection of hotels and government buildings. As the region's main staging post for journeys to the outer reaches of the Sahara, it attracts far more tourist awareness than it deserves in itself - not to mention the hustlers trying to hook up with potential clients for camel treks.

  • Activities

    As is the case with most countries, while it is not possible to do everything in one trip, travelers want to get the most out of their journey. So the following is a short list of things to do while in Morocco.

  • Culture


    Know where to be and when to be there! A guide to some of the cultural, historical and religious holidays and festivals throughout the year in Morocco.

  • Events

    A visit to a foreign country can always be spiced up by joining in or observing local festivities. Morocco is certainly no exception - with literally dozens of little festivals, fairs and holidays being held throughout the country.