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    South Africa

    Despite the fact that both countries are located on the same continent, Moroccan travelers wishing to journey to South Africa will have to first obtain the correct documentation before boarding an airplane and leaving the country. Fortunately, there is a South African Embassy in Morocco to make this process as quick and easy as possible. This means that travelers will not have to wait for ...

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    The Ambassador for the U.S. Embassy in Morocco is Thomas T. Riley. He accepted his position in 2004 and is dedicated to maintaining and improving the lengthy relationship between Morocco and the United States of America. His position as Ambassador oversees many aspects of the United States Embassy, such as services to the public, political matters and dealing with the media. The U.S. ...

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    The United Kingdom has long enjoyed good travel relations with hundreds of countries around the world. Oftentimes this dates back to the time when Britain was a massive world power that enjoyed the luxuries of having a large number of colonies across the globe. While today virtually every country enjoys a strong sense of independence, many former British colonies have maintained good travel ...