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    The exotic African destination of Morocco attracts thousands of travelers every month and with most of the major passenger cruise lines stopping along the Popular Moroccan Atlantic Coastline, including the famous cities of Tangier, Rabat and Casablanca, makes it simply irresistible to join them. Morocco.com is pleased to offer our Price Comparison Search Tool that will help you find the ...

  • Marrakech

    There are many travelers that flock to Marrakech because of its beauty and easy-going atmosphere. It is a city that was immortalized by Winston Churchill in his well-publicized War Memoirs. He wrote: "Here, surrounded by its extensive palm-groves that have sprung out of the desert, the traveler may rest assured that he will never tire of the majestic view of the snow-covered Atlas Mountains. ...

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    The Sahara The Sahara is the world's largest desert. Only a small part of the Sahara is fertile and it is here that corn, dates and other fruits grow. These parts are fed by underground rivers and oases. The Sahara can be an inspirational experience at night, with the air being crisp, clean and clear and the stars being so close you can almost touch them.